The first week of May is always a big week for me, as I celebrate my birthday, wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day within the span of 6 days. Some years I dread it and other years I’d rather let it pass quietly. I sometimes feel like it gets in the way and burdens others to have to plan something when they have better things to do. I don’t post my birthday on facebook or let my collegues know when it’s my bday. It’s not because I’m ashamed of my age (41 years as of yesterday). Frankly, I don’t like the attention. To be honest, I don’t like being sung “HAPPY Birthday”either. It makes me uncomfortable. This year, however, my daughter said something to me that made me change my entire perspective. She said “You know mom, you are probably half way through your life.” After she said that, I think she had a sense of automatic regret, like it was a rude comment to make, and it did sting for a second to hear that my time on this earth is in fact limited. But the truth is, she’s right. Rather than reflect on where the time has gone, I choose to focus on the next 41 years on this earth and how I can make it a worthwhile life. That goal is what is worth celebrating.

As for my plans for the next 41 years, well, I’d have to say that spending time with family and friends are really what I treasure the most. They are a product of everything that is important to me.  So thank you so much for being in my life and I am looking forward to celebrating another 41 years together!!